Ep. 519 – Heavy Feelings

Feeling very Temperance Barrows up in here!

Shout out to the 4 people that got that reference.

This episode the guys continue north to Circle Pines, which is a real place and not the setting of a Disney cartoon nor a summer camp for Ferris Wheel operators. In addition to being real, it also amazingly has a Louisianan restaurant called Bistro La Roux, because jambalaya just tastes better when you are eating it in a strip mall.

Evan gives some reviews of Orange Vanilla Coke and Northern Soda’s Sunday Purple and Dave brings news of the return of the P’Zone. We also bring up corn bones, wedding rings and the one thing that even bacon can’t improve, plus we pimp our upcoming Terrific Target Food Day show (which Patreon subscribers will get a few days early, by the by).

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