Ep. 514 – It’s Especiale Weather

Polar vortex? More like polar vor-sucks!

What do you want? Our brains are frozen.

This week the guys head out just before Fimbulwinter starts in the Twin Cities to revisit an old friend? Acquaintance? We visited the old Market BBQ location back in 2010, and were committedly non-committal about it. Will a new location and a nearly a decade mean the difference between so-so and so-good?

While we figure that out, Evan talks about Eric The Red‘s brunch menu and non-standard Oreos, while Dave once again brings up the miracle of the immersion cooker and the mystery of the beer stragglers. We also give shout outs (shouts out?) to Firebox Deli (which we haven’t done a show from yet) and Nothing Bundt Cakes (which we can’t) so we’ve got all the not-good-for-you angles covered.

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