Ep. 511 – Fear The Heft

It’s 2019, which can only mean we survived 2018, and that means we need to celebrate!

Celebrate, that is, by heading out to Lat 14 and going over our favorite restaurants and coming up with clever….semi-clever….mildly amusing award names to honor some of the fantastic dining experiences chronicled on this show during the past year. Do we know how to party or what?

Along the way we also talk about Dave’s first Disney trip of the year (he waited a whole 5 days!), Evan’s pothole fun, and proper dip etiquette, both in terms of preparation and consumption. Important topics, as always.

The 2018 Best Of Well Fed Guide Awards go to:

Best Food Truck – Taquiera El Victor (Ep. 493 – Old Men In The Hall)
The “Not An Entry On Urban Dictionary” Award – Dipped And Debris (Ep. 503 – Steak Pressure)
The “Ken vs Ryu” Award – Lemon Grass Thai/MT Noodles (Ep. 494 – Men Of All Kinds / Ep. 479 – No Reservation Required)
Best Of 2018 – Meyvn (Ep. 507 – Bagel Instinct)

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