Ep. 509 – Tenth Annual Jon Ham (With One M) Christmas Special

Tis the season for meat and controversy.

Once again, the Well Fed guys head out to the West End Shoppes (we know it doesn’t have an E but it’s Christmas dammit) to live how the rich do for an evening. This time that means checking out the pre-controversial Lucky Cricket, an Andrew Zimmern attempt to culturfy the burbs with peppercorn paste and tiki drinks.

It’s also that sacred time where men meet in public to exchange meats of the world instead of just witty barbs. Will Dave’s eleventh hour rules change last week flummox Evan? Will we see a repeat of the Year One Transformers Shampoo Debacle? And exactly how many sizes with the guys’ hearts grow this year, and how much of the increase will be due to cholesterol?

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