Ep. 5 – Erica Schultz

Erica Schultz the letterer! Erica Schultz the editor! Erica Schultz the coloring book… er… comic book writer!

This episode Adam talks to writer, editor, and letterer Erica Schultz!  Get the lowdown on her work on Twelve Devils Dancing, M3, Charmed, Xena, and Daredevil. Find out where she gets her amazing comic art collection framed! Learn the secrets of artichoke francese! Really, folks, this one has it all! And some nerdy X-Men talk to boot.

Thanks again to Erica for swinging by to talk comics!  And thank you for listening!

Where to find Erica online:

Erica Central



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Next week:  Adam’s first repeat Panels & Pizza guest… the magnificent Magdalene Visaggio returns!