Ep. 14 – For the Love of Steve Ellis

Hey kids, we’re back. Again.  And this time Adam & David have brought along The Only Living Girl co-creator and artist extraordinaire Steve Ellis! And they’re here to talk about X-Men! From comics, to movies, to cartoons, to a dated reference to racism, the guys discuss Marvel’s Merry Mutant Menace! So much X-Men talk! And some Doom Patrol.

Then Steve and David talk about the process of creating their brand new series, The Only Living Girl, from Papercutz.  If you’re a processing fan, you’ll love this segment!

Lastly, what books have the guys excited this week! Adam read The Lost City Explorers, Amazing Spider-Man Volume 3, Thanos by Donny Cates & Geoff Shaw, and The Only Living Girl! Steve is reading The Immortal Hulk and Batman: The Last Knight on Earth. David also has some high praise for The Immortal Hulk.

Next episode, Kris Longo of the Long Beach Comic Con.  See you then!