Ep. 135 – Bill Lobley

Endorsed by Guillermo Del Toro, “He is very good”.

Bill Lobley has, for certain 90s kids that host voice acting podcasts, a pivotal role in our development. Early roles in Sealab 2021 and Celebrity Deathmatch which lead to spots in many video game sequels. Plus critically acclaimed animation, ADR, audiobooks, commericals, cocktail recipes, wait what?

Bill chats with Evan from his home studio and talks about his early days as a rutabega, walking in on a giant pile of guys huddled around a table, a musical Final Question from Major Attaway and why sometimes being the second guy in a role is a compliment.

You can find Bill along with several of his Arcane costars soon on Streamily.

Opening Song – Sealab 2021 Theme by Calamine (Instrumental version by Sergey Sergeevitch)
Closing Song – Bebop Rocksteady (Demo) by The Prizefighters

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