Ep. 133 – Paul Rugg

Something something chimpanzee.

Recorded live on the 26th anniversary of Freakazoid‘s debut, it’s Paul Rugg! <roar of applause> And while the man started as a writer on Animaniacs, he’s since put his unique talent for capturing the harmlessly insane to roles like Dark Lord Chuckles The Silly Piggy, Nostradamus, Lord Starchbottom and more. He’s also jumped into puppetry, most recently on Earth To Ned (although not as recently as Evan thinks).

Evan chats with Paul about working with Ed Asner, the many uses of a good Jerry Lewis impression, and why puppetry sets aren’t great for COVID protection. He also answers a question from Paul Castro Jr and gives us a ticking time bomb of a Bonus Question. Can’t wait…

Opening Song – Freakazoid by The Plasmas
Closing Song – Bebop Rocksteady (Demo) by The Prizefighters

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