Ep. 125 – Gabe Kunda

It’s best not to get in the way of one’s destiny.

Gabe Kunda has been rocking the VO scene since he was in high school (even if that high school belongs in a basic cable musical), lately taking on the roles of Rock Lock in My Hero Academia and Kaburagi in Deca-Dence (no English clips yet). But he’s also been busy in the world of trailers and commercial VO, plus who knows what the mysterious Kabe Gunda is up to….

Gabe chats with Evan about his many early accomplishments, a few of his early “learning opportunities” and what it’s like to play a Black character in one of the biggest mainstream anime titles going. He also gives dubious career advice that should not be followed or, if followed, should not be tied back to Gabe or this show.

Picture credits:
Rock Lock fan art by hedgerlogs
Fisher Tiger sticker by jimjimfuria
Qi sticker by CGArtistry

Opening Song – TENET theme by Ludwig Göransson
Closing Song – Bebop Rocksteady (Demo) by The Prizefighters

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