Ep. 123 – Zeno Robinson

So much flap talk. So so much.

Zeno Robinson breaks our recent streak of anime actors from Texas, in that he’s an anime actor from Los Angeles! Granted he’s not just in animes, even if those animes (is the plural of anime animes?) are such mega hits like My Hero Academia and Fire Force. I mean, he’s not just superheros! He’s also The Green Poncho, which is, um, semi-super? Well what about Heatblast? He’s an alien, which isn’t technically a superhero? Ok, what about Remy Remington? Well, he’s rich, which is kind of a superpower. Ok Zeno is just super, happy?

Evan talks with Zeno about matching flaps, being a Dream Daddy or not, and how his “weebishness” set his path at an early age. He also takes a crack at Shannon Reed’s question about scary casting directors from last episode.

Opening Song – Inferno (Fire Force Theme) by Mrs. GREEN APPLE 
Closing Song – Bebop Rocksteady (Demo) by The Prizefighters

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