Ep. 120 – Jim Keefe

This week we… er… sally forth with Sally Forth artist Jim Keefe!

Jim discusses working for King Features as a strip colorist, writing and drawing Flash Gordon for a spell, and now working on the nationally syndicated Sally Forth strip with Francesco Marciuliano. The guys geek out of Mary Jane Watson’s first appearance and John Romita’s storytelling, gush over the perfection that is Dave Stevens, and being able to work with industry legends such as Joe Kubert, Al Williamson, and John Romita (Jim likes John Romita just a little bit).

There wasn’t enough time to get all of Jim’s stories and knowledge still go around so expect him to be back soon! We closed down the Richfield Giordano’s!

Jim’s Recommend Reading list… he asks that you check out all the independent local comics being made by MCAD students and alums!

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