Ep. 12 – Adam & Sarah Talk: Battle Angel, Captain Marvel, and C2E2

Oh my god, two episodes, two weeks in a row? Will this become a habit? Probably not.

Adam & Sarah (bad ass and HUGE nerd) are back and they’re talking Alita: Battle Angel (very late), Captain Marvel (not as late), and going to C2E2 (okay, this whole episode is late).

Dog farts, innuendoes, and laughs ahead!

Also, we found the Target Funko Pop Captain Marvel a few weeks later at Target. And picked up the Endgame Captain Marvel Funko Pop last week.

Next time: Jeez, we have no idea. Will it be David? Will it be Shazam talk? Hellboy talk? Endgame talk? Will Lisa finally drop by? Stay tuned!