Ep. 119 – Krizia Bajos

“Krizia” already sounds like it belongs to a League Of Legends character, doesn’t it?

In this time of quarantine, we’ve often remarked on how good a Margarita sounds right now (read “any time”) so this week we’ve got the voice of The Casagrande’s local hairstylist, the fabulous Krizia Bajos. Mz. Bajos also took over for Laura Bailey as LOL’s Akali and carved her own niche in the related Legends Of Runeterra as the Silent Shadowseer (but if she’s silent, why does she need VO?).

Krizia talks with Evan about splitting her time between on-screen and voice over, the differences between working on games vs cartoons, and how she risked the wrath of Fred Tatasciore.

Opening Song – The Casagrandes Theme (Official Instrumental)

Closing Song – Bebop Rocksteady (Demo) by The Prizefighters

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