Ep 113 – Steve Blum, Josh Martin & Chris Rager at GalaxyCon Minneapolis

More anime! More shouty men and wicked hairdos! More I say!

Another week, another batch of interviews from GalaxyCon Minneapolis. This time it’s the men of anime’s turn, with 2 (count them 2!) members of the Dragon Ball cast, Josh Martin (of Buu/Majin Buu fame) and Chris Rager (of Mr. Satan infamy). Evan was also able to snag a few minutes with ol’ Spike Spiegel himself, Steve Blum, who somehow managed to mostly avoid the Dragon Ball thing.

The convention circuit, clueless interviewers butchering last names, Run DMC, the personal growth of an explosives-addicted psychopath, and one man’s years as Barney (the answer will surprise you!) all come up over the course of this mad scramble of interviews.

Ah the chaos of conventions.

Opening Song –  Makafushigi Adventure by Tokyo Brass Style
Closing Song – Bebop Rocksteady (Demo) by The Prizefighters

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