Ep. 111 – Caitlin Glass, Morgan Berry & Amanda Miller at GalaxyCon Minneapolis

When it rains at GalaxyCon, it pours. Although it’s late autumn in Minneapolis, so it’s more snowy.

Three ladies of anime join Evan this week, starting with newcomer-to-the-show Caitlin Glass, known for Winry from Full Metal Alchemist, Cammy from the Street Fighter series and Haruhi from Ouran Host Club. Then we have Morgan Berry, who was on the show back in 2016, and has since shown up in Borderlands (mild spoilers), My Hero Academia and some show about butt battling. We wrap up with Amanda Miller, who joined Evan back in 2015 when she took over the role of Sailor Jupiter, which obviously prepared her to explain to our clueless host what a Boruto is.

Opening Song – Boku No Hero Academia ED – HEROES (8bit mix) by NutBonkers
Closing Song – Bebop Rocksteady (Demo) by The Prizefighters

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