Ep. 104 – Jared Butler

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Jared Butler is a writer, a Wasteland Warrior, and a street judge, but most importantly for this show he’s also a voice actor known as the current reigning Jack Sparrow. I think he won it in some sort of sword fighting contest, and now he has to look over his shoulder all the time.

Jared talks about working with Blood Money, being bound by the actions of a rich weirdo he has never met, and the loyalty shown to Disney folks. He also expounds on his Depp-th (get it?) as Sparrow in both Kingdom Hearts 3 and on screen as well as other roles like Rango, Alice In Wonderland, and Tonto. If they ever do a Crybaby video game, we’ll know who gets the call.

Opening Song – Pirates Of The Caribbean: 8 Bit by WillRock07
Closing Song – Bebop Rocksteady (Demo) by The Prizefighters

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