Ep. 103 – Kari Wahlgren

We’re back!

After over a year off, The Voice Behind has returned with interview from some of your favorite voice actors in the world (even some you don’t know are your favorites yet). To start off this new era of TVB, we wanted to bring back someone who was nice enough to talk to us way back in episode 14, the fantastic Kari (like Ferrari) Wahlgren!

Kari chats with Evan about their shared Midwestern roots, returning to Haruko Haruhara after nearly 20 years, and playing Starfire and Saturn Girl for different audiences. She also gives us tips on how to talk like Zatanna without breaking our jaw, watching someone else take on Proxima Midnight and even a little preview of the new animated Rocketeer.

Opening Song – Ride On Shotting Star (8-Bit) by VOX3L
Closing Song – Bebop Rocksteady (Demo) by The Prizefighters

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