Ep. 101 – Michael Gough

Pronounced like Vincent Van Gogh. Yes you’ve been pronouncing that one wrong too.

Michael Gough isn’t a relation of the one-eared master (that we know of) but he has played a master of ninjitsu, a master of Horadric lore, and a master of the gopheric arts, to name but a few of his well over 200 roles to date. He finds some time driving in between his various masteries to chat with Evan about being a Disney crash test dummy, being a vocal pinch hitter and what it’s like to go from working on a small educational title to being the Connery-esque mascot of the one of the most popular gaming franchises in history.

Also he talks about playing the theremin. How cool is that?

Image credit goes to the fine folks at the Great Philadelphia Comic Con, where Michael will be appearing in April.

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