Ep. 100 – Rob Paulsen

Behold the power of big round numbers!

This episodes finally sees one of the inspirations for this show come to chat. The legendary Rob Paulsen has voice ninja turtles, platypii, biker mice and whatever the heck a Warner is. Plus 200 or so other roles. Give or take.

Rob talks about his voice actor show Talkin’ Toons, his live shows with Randy Riggle and his fellow Animaniacs and his throat cancer diagnosis (and <spoiler alert> victory). Evan also gets him to expound on the Tazmaniacs, the shows he was sad didn’t take off and what it’s like to move to more directing and show pitching.

Kind of appropriate that this episode gets released the same day that new Animaniacs episodes are announced, don’t you think? Which means Rob was kept in the dark most of the time or, like most voice actors, is an incredible and shameless liar.

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