Cosmic Slop Episode 36 – 9/23/09

Though autumn’s chill is in the air, Cosmic Slop does not despair!  Episode 36 brings another spectacular sextet drawn from Chuck and Joel’s music libraries, featuring songs both good and (in at least one case intentionally) bad.  Double entendre-laden MOR!  Bloaty fantasy-rock!  Threatening soul-funk!  And it all starts with the sweatiest Tom Jones song ever!  This.  Groove.  Will.  Not.  Be.  Stopped.

Tom JonesChills and Fever
Nicolette LarsonRumba Girl
Jonathan and Darlene EdwardsThe Object of My Affection
Uriah HeepThe Wizard
HawkwindUrban Guerrilla
Billy PaulAm I Black Enough For You?

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