Cosmic Slop Episode 33 – 7-29-09

As the curtain opens, a pair of intrepid adventurers crack open a sealed musical vault, releasing a magnificent melody that has lain dormant for over thirty years.  There begins a thrilling journey through the disparate lands of Teen Angst, Geek Pop, and Novelty Funk.  The adventurers’ mighty ship then takes a spine-tingling voyage through a confusing maze of slippery M.O.R. Love Grooves before ending up dashed upon on the jagged shores of Post-Punk Sexual Anomie.  Have no fear, for Chuck and Joel are at the helm–it’s Cosmic Slop Episode 33!


The GlitterhousePrincess of the Gingerland
The Shangri-LasPast, Present, and Future
Sultans of Ping F.C.Where’s Me Jumper?
The ChubukosBoogie the Devil In (Bump the Devil Out)
PlayerThis Time I’m In It for Love
The Au PairsWe’re So Cool

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