New to the site: Buying stuff and the Googles

Hello to all the loyal Fancy Pants followers!

It’s been little over a month now since we launched our new site and we are glad people are digging it. Now that the dust has settled a bit, we’ve had some time to add yet more new cool things to the site and the Fancy Pants Gangsters network that we think you might enjoy.

Google Play – All Fancy Pants Gangsters shows are now available in the Google Play store. You can search for your favorite shows by name or click on the 2016-04-20 15_07_11-The Well-Fed Guide to Life « Show Categories « Fancy Pants Gangsters – Twin Citi on each show page to subscribe.

Online Store – In addition to the show Patreon accounts, we’ve brought back another great way to support the network with our online store. You can check it out by clicking on the Store link at the top of the page (which you already figured out, you smart person you). Right now we’ve got Redshift Season 1 prints and CDs for sale along with some of our classic shirts, and we’ve got plans for more stuff coming later this summer.

We’ve got one more announcement for later this month, so keep an eye on this space as well as all our social media sites for the latest info. In the mean time, locals can come say hi this weekend at the MSP Comic Con where once again FPG will be hanging out and talking to folks.
Thanks for listening!