Additional Voices now available

For one reason or another, I try to keep the shows down to around 30-45 minutes long. I know your time is valuable, so I try to give you the best material from my talks with the guests. The problem is deciding what 30-45 minutes are “the best” when you are dealing with such amazing actors. I just hate to throw anything away, so I’ll be releasing outtakes from the episodes as Additional Voices, individual cut segments that were too good to leave unreleased.

Here’s the catch: I’m only releasing them to our friends on the various social networks. You won’t find about about them via RSS, they won’t be posted to the main site or iTunes, nothing. The only way to listen to them is follow us on Twitter or on Facebook. Think of it like an exclusive club, except we take anyone who wants to join and we don’t charge anything.

We’ve already got our first segment available, so be sure to like/follow us immediately. He who hesitates is lost, as they say.